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Artisan Tap Wine at Stars Restaurant Charleston SC

New restaurant in Charleston, SC,  Stars Restaurant Grill Room & Rooftop Bar on upper King Street opened last week after months of excited anticipation. While the buzz has been circulating about Stars’ gorgeous craftsman-inspired decor, live fire wood grill, stunning rooftop bar and masterful menu, patrons have found something previously unseen at any other restaurant in Charleston, SC – VinTap artisan tap wine.

While popular in fine restaurants in Calfornia’s Napa Valley, VinTap Wine makes its Charleston debut at Stars Restaurant. VinTap is the leading producer and distributor of artisan tap wine. Offering tap wine allows Stars to provide an even greater selection of the finest estate wines by the glass; many of which are not offered anywhere else in Charleston. The stainless steel sealed keg system uses an inert gas to push the wine through the lines which protects the wine from oxidation and cork taint. Additionally, the dedicated refrigerated systems for white and red wines guarantee the wine is served at the correct temperature. The end result?  The wine remains “winery-fresh” from the first glass to the last.

The additional appeal of the keg system for Stars Restaurant is it supports the restaurant’s reuse, restore, reclaim and sustain commitment. One of the greatest advantages of the keg system is it significantly reduces the amount of glass, cork, foil and label usage that is used in producing bottled wine.  In fact, one keg is equal to 26 bottles of wine and the stainless steel kegs themselves are recyclable.

Artisan tap wine at Stars Restaurant can be purchased by the glass, in 500 milliliter or 1 liter servings.

Artisan Tap Wine Vintages Available at Stars Restaurant

2010 Cathedral Reisling

2011 Elite Cellars Chenin Blanc

2011 Forenzo Pinot Grigio

2011 OUTOFBEER Sauvignon Blanc

2011 Royal Palm Sauvignon Blanc

2011 Great Comet Vermentino

2011 Picnic Table Chardonnay

2011 Boat Dock Rose

2011 Basket Press Barbera

2009 Red Barn Sangiovese

2009 Rue Boucher Grenache & Syrah

2010 Old Field Blend Carignane

2009 Tangled  Up in Blue Syrah

2009 Pardi Sangiovese & Cabernet

2009 Purple Hawk Syrah & Cabernet

2009 Native Oak Cabernet

With so many artisan tap wine selections, wine enthusiasts can easily sample many different vintages.

We look forward to seeing you soon at Stars Restaurant Grill Room & Rooftop Bar!  Reservations can be made online or by calling 843-577-0100.

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