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Introducing Pétillant Naturel—“Pét Nat”—Wine At Stars!

At Stars, we are always on the hunt for new ways to treat our guests. That’s why we are absolutely THIRLLED to offer three pétillant naturel wines on our drink menu. Learn more about this trending wine and the options available in our restaurant. Or why not come down and try it for yourself? We look forward to serving you!

What Is Pétillant Naturel Wine?

Featured with a sizeable exposé in the NY Times, pét-nat is a type of sparkling wine that’s as chic and trendy as they come. But did you know that it has been around for hundreds of years? In fact, the process used to make it was likely the same process that was used to make some of the first sparkling wines ever! With centuries of refinement, wineries have created many outstanding variations, featuring a wide range of grapes with styles ranging from hazy and sediment-heavy to clean and clear. Try one of these exceptional pét-nat wines on our drink menu!

Aphros 2016 Phaunus Pet Nat (Loureiro) Vinho Espumante

The Phaunus Pet Nat is all Loureiro, vinified in stainless steel with no added yeast or sugar. There is a short period of maceration, and disgorgement is after 5 months of aging, with no filtration or fining. The result is super dry, refreshing and textured, and comes highly recommended for any fan of tasty bubbles.

Gustavs Riesling Sekt Trocken 2016

The Gustavshof winery has been in operation since 1924, nestled between the Rhine and Nahe Rivers. The vineyards are organically and dry farmed without the use of chemicals. The Riesling Sekt Trocken 2016 offers a dry, bubbly wine with a clear fragrance of fresh apples and peach atop a full bodied, balanced palate.

Franck Besson, Brut Rosé Granit Gamay Burgundy, France

Like all of the pét-nat wines on our menu, the Brut Rosé Granit Gamay Burgandy is light, bubbly and extremely drinkable. It offers a beautiful rose petal hue with notes of freshly cut strawberries and raspberries. A well-rounded, fruity taste is balanced by a dry finish and brought to life with a subtle bubbly zest.

Join Us Tonight

Join us at Stars to try one of these amazing wines in our celebrated Grill Room—or on our rooftop among the stars!


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